I took a deep drink and exhaled, my mouth opening into a giant O. “Holy crap! This is not iced tea.” I took another sip and smiled. “Mmm. Bourbon, mint and….” I squinted up at Sally who was grinning like a Cheshire cat. 

* The girls' favorite bourbon for this drink  -  see right

Eats & Drinks

Show me your garden and I'll tell you what you are.
​~ Austin

 I swiped my finger across a dollop of icing that had fallen to the serving plate. The lavender mixed with a zing of lemon and I closed my eyes in ecstasy.  


“To great drinks and bad men. May we have plenty of the first and make quick work of the second!”

Everyone toasted and passed the bottle around to refill.

“That is my favorite summer garden party cocktail,” Sally said. “It’s a Spanish sparkling wine called Cava, fruit, good gin and a dose of top secret stuff. I call it the Beatrix, after one of my favorite movie heroines.”

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