Koko Taylor was pitching a wang dang doodle all night long and Sally whooped. Spinning around she shimmied toward CC and held out her hands. CC smiled and pushed her chair back. She could never resist the opportunity to dance, especially with Sally, whose moves were at once fantastically sexy and so bawdy it could make a truck driver blush. Sally bit her lower lip, brow furled, and slowly twisted while lowering her rear end toward the floor. She must have iron glutes I thought, not for the first time.

   “Come on girl. Get your groove thang groovin’,” Sally said as she twisted back upright and added crazy legs to her dance.

    I took my wine glass in one hand and Sally’s hand in the other just as the music changed to John Mayall singing Where Did My Legs Go. We two-stepped around the table while CC shimmied solo. The three of us moved easily around each other, clinking glasses when we passed.

   CC could dance for hours and sometimes did. She would plug in her earphones and move throughout the house singing and twisting and getting a bit of housework done, though not a lot.

   The idea was to relax rather than clean but every now and again something got dusted or sorted, more a side effect of the dancing. One of her favorite songs was Howlin’ Wolf’s Built for Comfort. Sally and I would know when that song was playing in CC’s ears because she would sing along in a growly melisma, with a few “Tell em, Wolf!” or “Lay it down, man!” shouts of encouragement.

                                                                                                                                                The Poison Season

Garden Grooves

The earth has its music for those who listen.
                    ~ Santayana

Writer and Gardener of Beauty and Chaos

Gardening Grooves

by Pollinator of Peace

Bobby "Blue" Bland is belting out Stormy Monday Blues as I emerge from the confessional where I've just admitted the killing of several beloved houseplants. Seems about right. It's a blues tune but like all blues music, it rocks me into a calm meditative state.
Gardening has the same effect on me. I can drop to my knees and dig around in the dirt for hours and be completely at peace. Perhaps it's the act of kneeling that sets the mood of reverence. I'm blissfully contemplative in the garden, seeding new life in a soil bed or nurturing growing plants.

And all the while my iPod serenades, swings and stomps me around the house or garden. I've got playlists of fast loud rock that gets me through a day of mulch moving, chick rockers to tell me stories while I prune, jazz for weeding and straight up blues that's on 90% of the time. Shuffle blues, gospel blues, big band blues, Chicago blues, any of it, all of it. There's not a feeling in this world that hasn't been juked, boogied or twanged into a musical plea for your attention.

Plants love music, too. So fire up your speakers and get your groove on!

Here's this week's broadcast list:

Ain't No Way - Joe Bonamassa and Beth Hart 
10 Rocks - Shelby Lynne 
The Grindhouse Blues - Robert Rodriguez
Sweet Little Angel - Big Mama Thornton 
I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl - Nina Simone
Stormy Monday Blues – Bobby “Blue” Band